A warm welcome to the vision of vqfoundation.org - the vision quest for high potentials and leaders in the acedemic world.

Last update: 2009-05-01

Our upcoming events:

We can teach you to teach!

This is a regular event. Every wednesday you can come and learn how to teach. We worked on a professional guide which allows you to learn how to teach within a short period of time. Some of our participants reached the goals after two weeks only. So come and take part!

Best Regards,

the vq foundation team


1) New room number

Our meetings will take place in room number A-877 from now on. Please tell your collegues.

2) New members

Warm welcome to:

  • Madita Radison
  • Larissa Conellie
  • Josh Wings
  • Luke Black
  • Michael Ritter
  • Jeff Coney
  • Randy Jason

Note: We are currently looking for new opportunities and members. If you like don't hesitate to contact us very soon. Our team is a yound and fresh bunch of well educated supernerds. So you will feel very comfortable in our community and preparing academic meetings with us. We are looking forward to read your letter.
Thanks to...
...Ph.D. Harrot Padry
...Mr Robinson
...Mrs Robinson
...Jacky for the coordination of "JSD"